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Professional Photography

Professional Services

SLT Professional Property Photography understands the importance of light and angles, and has the experience to use those elements in creating stunning shots. We provide affordable  photography with a fast turnaround!

Home and Pool
Blueprint Design

Floor Plans

What You Need

Laser measured highly detailed internal floorplans produced with exceptional speed and efficiency. Our cost-effective internal surveys provide valuable overall perspective of the property. 3D Virtual Tours & 3D Interactive Floor Plans coming soon.

Drone & Video

Rise above the Rest

Our specially fitted drones can take high definition video and photography that adds a unique and impressive edge to your videos and marketing. We can focus in on specific details of your property, or provide panoramic vistas that give a clear visual link to nearby landmarks, beaches and parks.


HDR Drone Photography 

Rise above the rest with Quality, Clear Drone images that sell!

HDR Twilight Photography

Twilight images that ooze the WOW factor. Future buyers just  picturing themselves coming home to that warm fuzzy glow.